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The AI Teacher Guide

In 2020, I wrote "The Hybrid Teacher: Survival Guide" a free resource to help teachers navigate teaching in virtual and hybrid settings during the pandemic.

In November of last year, Open AI released their LLM AI chatbot, "ChatGPT" which sent shock waves through every industry, especially education. As I have learned about and navigated using AI in my own classroom I have been putting together a new guide, "The AI Teacher" in order to similarly help teachers navigate this new world of technology in education.

Just like my first guide, "The AI Teacher" is a free resources (although I welcome donations) and am hoping to have a video-based interactive course available by summer 2023.

The guide details the following:

Section 1: Artificial Intelligence

In this section, I explain what AI is and how it can be applied to education, as well as the different perspectives on its ethical use in the classroom. Additionally, I will provide some guidelines on maintaining academic honesty when incorporating AI technology into assessments and assignments.

Section 2: Chatbots in Education

In this section I explore the two major types of AI chatbot models (LLM and NLP) and give an overview of the biggest players in these files (i.e ChatGPT, Perplexity, etc). Then I discuss how to frame your prompts to get the highest quality outputs; how to use AI chatbots as a teacher (to save time), and with students.

Section 3: AI Image Tools

In this section I outline the most popular AI image generator tools as well as brainstorm some potential uses in education.

Section 4: EdTech AI Integration

In this section I discuss how some of my favorite EdTech tools (i.e. Padlet, EdPuzzle, and Khan Academy) are integrating AI into their existing platforms.

Section 5: Other AI Tools for Education

In this section I outline several other AI driven tools that have specific uses for education, many of these include lesson plan creation, assessment tools, report generators, and creativity tools.

Section 6: Digital Citizenship in the Age of AI

In this section I look at how to navigate digital citizenship in the age of AI, including bias, privacy, misinformation, and plagiarism. I also discuss how to address and teach these to your students.

Section 7: Looking Forward: Embracing AI in Education

In this final section I conclude with the importance of embracing this new technology in the field of education.

Postscript: How I Used AI to Help Me Write this Guide

Finally I share how I used ChatGPT to help me write the guide (and in what ways I needed human power instead).


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