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All things educational technology & hybrid learning - by teachers for teachers. 


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Emma Pass

My journey in ed tech started when I was teaching 6th grade ELA in Clark County, Nevada. My first year teaching was the same year our school received a Google Chromebook grant which provided each student with a personal device. It was also the same year that the administration took all the paper out of the copy room. We were going 100% digital. 


It was a scary time for the teachers at my school, but not having much teaching experience anyway, I decided to dive right in to the world of ed tech and learn as much as I could. 

I know that there are plenty of teachers, like the ones at my school, who are a little more hesitant about making the switch to tech and would appreciate some simple, straight-forward guidance. I started Ed Tech Emma to show how easy (and awesome) it can be to make technology a part of your teaching. 

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