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The Hybrid Teacher


Fellow teachers,


In early Spring 2020 I was approached by a publisher asking if I would like to write a book about hybrid teaching. 

I was thrilled at the opportunity, but as I began writing I realized that the information within this book is needed now in order to prepare teachers for the upcoming school year in a COVID world. Whereas the publication date of an expanded version of this book is planned for 2021

My goal in writing this book is first and foremost to help teachers help kids. 

That is why I am providing an abridged version of my book FREE as a PDF download, in hopes that: 

1. It can reach and help as many teachers as possible.


2. If it is helpful, some teachers will still order the full version of the book available in June 2021. Pre-order now!  

3. If it is valuable, you'll consider donating to help me continue to work on and provide educational PD projects.

4. If you'd like to learn more, you'll support me by joining one of my upcoming virtual PD sessions

However, the best way to help is to get this into the hands of teachers who need it by spreading the word on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, via email to your district or wherever your online teaching community is.


Please share this URL,, the hashtag #hybridteacher, and tag me @emmabpass.

Also, sending your friends and colleagues to this website,, rather than forwarding them the PDF, will help me accurately collect information on how many people are downloading the book and get in touch once the published version is available.

Wishing you all the best in your upcoming school year! 

Read on, 


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