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Google Classroom Video Series

A little while back I was approached by Google to collaborate on a project to create short, informative videos on different aspects of Google Classroom, called the Google Classroom Video Series. What is so cool and exciting about this project is the amazing teachers involved from all over the world. There are videos in categories like assessment, communication, and creativity in more than nine different languages!

My category was Hybrid Learning (of course) and I created three videos that explore different aspects of Google Classroom (and Google Meet) that I regularly practice with my hybrid students.

How Can I Facilitate Ongoing Assignment?

I often assign a piece of work that I want my students to work on for more than just one activity or class period (essays, projects, etc). The tricky thing about Google Classroom is that once a student turn in an assignment, the lose editing access unless they un-submit it. Further, I often want to give multiple grades for that assignment (weekly grade, or grading each step in the process) and that is difficult to do on an ongoing assignment.

In this video I explore how to create an ongoing assignment (make a copy for each student) and then linking it to daily, weekly, or smaller step assignments.

If you are interested in using the Reading Log I demo in this video, you can make a copy to use with your student here.

How Can I Create Class Culture in Hybrid Learning?

Creating class community and culture is of utmost importance to me to create an environment where students feel safe and comfortable to authentically learn, share, and discuss, but it can be difficult to do when your students aren't all in the classroom!

In this video I share how I use the Google Classroom Stream and games over Google Meet to help build class culture.

How Can I Differentiate for Hybrid Learning?

Our students each have unique learning needs, and Google Classroom and Google Meet tools can help you differentiate both asynchronous and synchronous instructions in order to better meet your learners' needs.


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