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Getting Started with Google for Education: Video Series

As I've been traveling around the UK training teachers and administrators on using Google for Education in the classroom the two most frequent questions I get are:

1. We just signed up or got Chromebooks, where do we start?

At which point I usually take them through some basic training, which leads to:

2. Where can I find this online?

There is an awesome official Google for Education Teacher Center, with a ton of great information, but I thought it would be helpful to be able to direct these people to the exact training I do as well.

Which is what lead me to create my first Google for Education video series. Below are the videos I recorded on the basics of Google for Education, Classroom, Docs, Slides, and Forms.

My plan is to continue these video series with more intermediate and advanced videos soon (stay tuned!)

Getting Started with Google For Education

1. What is Google for Education?

This video covers the basics of what Google for Education is, who qualifies, and how to sign up.

2. Google Classroom

This video covers navigating to Classroom, creating a new class, adding students, assigning and grading work.

3. Google Docs

This video covers navigating to Google Docs, using the explore tool, voice typing, translating, and version history.

4.Google Forms

This video covers the basics of creating a quiz in Google Forms, giving feedback, and assessing data is forms and sheets.

5. Google Slides

This video covers the basics of adding text, images, and video to your slides, formating with the explore tool, and using slides as a publishing or graphic design tool.

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