This self-paced, pre-recorded video series takes participants on a remote/hybrid teaching "bootcamp" through a series of 6 hands-on sessions. Participants will be given direct instruction from Emma Pass, then asked to pause their videos and given the links and resources to complete tasks along the way. 


Each video workshop also comes with a check-for-understanding at the end of the session. 


View a sample of the video library here. 


Empowered Edu Video Workshop Library Includes: 


Getting Organized with GSuite (60 mins) 

Designed for schools and districts using Google for Education, this training takes you through the basics of setting up and organizing your Gmail, your drive, and efficiently navigating through your online space. We will cover extensions, addons, apps, and more! This is a great foundation session for those who are less confident online. 


Google Classroom 101 + Digging Deeper (120 mins) 

This session takes you through the basics of Google Classroom. Participants will start as students and get to experience communicating and completing work from the students point of view. We will work on setting up our own Google classrooms as teachers and look at key settings and features. In part two of the Google Classroom series, where teachers will look at new and advanced features of Google Classroom, as well as practice designing lessons (including a Google Form for immediate feedback), and discussing best practices. 


EdTech Tools for Online Discussion (90 mins) 

There are numerous tools online that allow students to communicate both synchronously and asynchronously. In this session we will practice using Flipgrid, Google Classroom Question, Padlet and Parlay to facilitate online discussions. We will also discuss best practices in designing discussion to ensure deeper meaning and understanding.


Engaging Online Synchronous Lessons with Pear Deck (90 mins) 

Synchronous learning happens when teachers and students are together in real time. This is what we do in the classroom, but we can also teach synchronously online over a video conferencing software. In this session we will look at a lesson schedule for online synchronous learning, and look at some activities and tools to engage your students throughout. This workshop also includes instruction on Pear Deck, a tool to embed interactive questions into a presentation. In this session we will practice using Pear Deck as students, and then sign up as teachers and make our first product presentation.


Engaging Online Asynchronous Lessons (90 mins) 

Asynchronous learning is when a teacher develops a pre-built lesson, or pre-recorded video, and provides it for a student to work through at their own pace during the course of a day or week. In this session we will use Google slides and Google Docs templates in order to create a pre-packaged lesson that students will be able to navigate independently.


The Future of Education.. (60 mins)

We are at a unique moment in time where we have the opportunity to potentially reshape the future of education. In this session we will look at the skills students need to truly prepare for their futures and the pedagogy that might help get us there. 


Bonus Content: 


Building Community & Class Culture Online (60 mins) 

We know the importance of building classroom culture and community at the start of the year. Most teachers have their tried-and-true icebreaker activities ready, but how does this translate online? And how can we ensure students are comfortable with the technology and the ability to communicate online? In this session we will look at activities, tools, and ideas for starting the year off right.


Options for Online Assessment (60 mins) 

Is there an easy way to ensure that students won't look up answers on Google when taking an assessment online remotely? The short answer is no. However online remote learning allows us to rethink how we deliver assessments and build a culture and Community around academic honesty. We will also be looking at online assessment tools such as goformative, Google forms, Peergrade, and Flipgrid.


Upon purchase you will receive a Google Form requesting more information about your school or districts. Videos workshop libraries need to be customized for each customer, and can take between 1-3 business days to be delivered via email. 


Video Workshop Library (8 videos)

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