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Time Saver Teacher Planner Bundle
  • Time Saver Teacher Planner Bundle

    If you want to win back your precious time, look no further than this elegant teacher planner bundle! It was designed to help teachers prioritize, stay on task, and save time!


    ✏ This planner:

    🗸Is based on the highly effective time blocking method, used by Benjamin Franklin, to help plan daily tasks.

    🗸 It also includes the "Important Urgent" or "Eisenhower" Matrix for task prioritization

    🗸Video tutorials on how to use each!

    🗸 Pages can be continually copies and reused, this is the last planner you will ever need to buy!

    🗸 Google Slides and PowerPoint access

    🗸 Five elegant designs in more than five color options

    🗸 Fully editable

    🗸 Easy to use

    🗸 Focus on intention setting

    🗸 "Word of the day/week/month"


    ✏What's included:

    🗸 Daily time blocking planner

    🗸 Weekly planners

    🗸 Monthly planners

    🗸 Monthly calendars

    🗸 Yearly calendars

    🗸 Lesson planning templates

    🗸 Note taking pages (lined, dotted, blank, Cornell)

    🗸 Important/Urgent matrix


    ✏ Design In Mind:

    For teachers who love their job, but not always the "teacher aesthetic," these planners were designed to look elegant, professional, classic, and adult.  


    Accessing Your Files:

    When you purchase this file, you will receive a single PDF. The first link is to the classic version of the planner that you can print or open digitally and begin using right away.


    There are also several custom options that the PDF gives step-by-step instructions on what to do as well as links to tutorial videos for further help and customization. The files were created as PDFs,  PowerPoint and Google Slides.


    You can open and print the PDFs immediately, but will need PowerPoint installed on your computer to access the PowerPoints and a Google account to open the Google Slides.


    I hope this planner helps you as much as it has helped me and wins you back countless hours of precious time!


      $10.00 Regular Price
      $4.99Sale Price
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