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UNIT PLAN: Introducing AI to the English Language Arts Classroom
  • UNIT PLAN: Introducing AI to the English Language Arts Classroom

    ✔ 6 Lesson Plans 

    ✔ 6 Slide Presentations 

    ✔ Guide on using AI in the English Classroom 

    ✔ Lots of materials and resources! 


    Are you ready to empower your students with essential skills for navigating and harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) responsibly for the English language arts classroom?


    Introducing "Introducing AI to the English Language Arts Classroom," a comprehensive and engaging unit plan designed to educate and inspire students in the realm of AI, while addressing key topics such as writing, bias, privacy, and ethics.


    This thoughtfully crafted unit plan offers a series of dynamic lessons, interactive activities, PowerPoint lesson slides, and engaging projects that will captivate your students' attention and foster their understanding of AI technologies and their implications in the English language arts field.

    Aligned with educational standards, this unit plan integrates real-life scenarios and promotes critical thinking to provide a relevant and meaningful learning experience for your students.


    Unit Plan Overview:


    Lesson 1: Is the Five-Paragraph Essay Dead? Why Do We Write in the Age of AI? Lesson 2: Crafting Prompts to Generate High-Quality AI Writing

    Lesson 3: EDITing AI Outputs

    Lesson 4: Is Using AI Plagiarism?

    Lesson 5: Using AI for Feedback

    Lesson 6: Class Agreements on the Use of AI in English Class

    BONUS: How to Incorporate AI Chatbots into your Regular Writing Units


    Key Features:


    Engaging Lesson Plans: Explore the integration of AI in the English language arts classroom through a meticulously designed sequence of lessons. Each lesson focuses on a specific aspect, including writing techniques, ethical considerations, and effective use of AI tools, fostering creativity and critical thinking skills.


    Interactive Activities: Foster student engagement and active learning with a variety of interactive activities, including debates, editing exercises, and group collaborations. These activities encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and the development of digital literacy skills.


    PowerPoint Lesson Slides: Enhance your instructional delivery with professionally designed PowerPoint slides for each lesson. These visually appealing and informative slides provide structure and support for your classroom presentations, ensuring a seamless and engaging learning experience.


    Real-World Relevance: Connect classroom learning to real-world applications by examining the impact of AI on writing and communication in various contexts. Students will develop the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the evolving landscape of AI in the English language arts field.


    Resource Materials: Access a wealth of supporting resources, including handouts, graphic organizers, rubrics, and multimedia materials, to facilitate instruction and enhance student learning. These resources provide valuable guidance and support for both educators and students.


    By implementing this comprehensive unit plan, you will equip your students with the necessary tools to navigate the integration of AI in the English language arts classroom. Help them understand the potential of AI, explore its ethical implications, and develop their writing skills in the age of AI. Inspire them to embrace innovation while fostering critical thinking and responsible decision-making.


    Note: This product is intended for individual classroom use, if you are interested in purchasing a site or district license, please contact Emma directly. 

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